History, Mission and Vision of Murray Career Institute

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Murray Career Institute opened it's doors to students on November 10, 2008. We are a debt fee school and as such are able to offer our programs at substantially discounted prices. Our mission is to offer everyone who wants entry level medical training the opportunity to afford entry level medical training courses at an affordable price. Our vision is to strive to serve all communities we impact by sending out highly trained allied medical health workers to all communities in the United States of America, chosen by our graduates. The writer of the programs of Murray Career Institute was first employed by other training schools starting in 1992, teaching for 16 years ending 2008 before writing and starting Murray Career Institute in 2008. Healthcare experience to include Nursing facilities, hospital, rehabilitation, staffing agencies and home health care. Teaching experience to include: CNA, Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assisting and Billing and Coding. Administrative experience to include: Former Education Chair of two programs: Medical Administrative Assistant and the Billing and coding program and operating a debt free school since 2008. All programs are written by an experienced training school educator and former Education chair from a position of strong teaching experience, administrative experience and knowledge base of each program and what is necessary to produce the best MA, CNA, EKG & Entry level Phlebotomist possible with as little impact to the life, family and time of the student. Our program hours also allow parents the opportunity to attend our training courses. At Murray Career Institute we are "Building new careers, one student at at time."™  using the "Methodical, Murray Method."™ (Thanks Tami (one of my brightest "Methodical Murray Method."™ students, for your encouragement to use and trademark, what I say so often, that I am "Methodical".)